What Basics Does a Wedding DJ Need?

Every Indian wedding DJ needs a few basics when starting off. Even with all the skills at your disposal, being a DJ also entails working with a lot of technology and sound and light equipment. You will need to be proficient in handling all this equipment, so that you can set it up and take out repairs whenever necessary. So what are these basics?

A good quality turntable is the first piece of equipment you will need. You can get an old fashioned vinyl two-record turntable or invest in a digital CD turntable. The latter may be expensive, but far easier to use and set up. You can have all your songs ready at your disposable and svn do most of your homework before you even reach the venue. You may even want to invest in mixers, controllers and a digital interface.

Light equipment
Although more required for a party or event DJ, today even an Indian wedding DJ is required to keep all necessary light equipment. These are especially required when there are dancing and other wedding related parties to DJ for. Lighting is an important tool for setting up and dictating the mood of the party. Invest in colored wash lights and a spotlight for the wedding couple. You may even want to invest effect lights like strobe, laser or black lights. You may also need light stands to mount the lighting equipment.

Sound equipment
Since DJing is all about music, no DJ private can ignore this crucial aspect. If the wedding venue does not carry a sound system, you will have to provide one. A basic PA system will have a playing device, speakers and mixers. The speaker is important equipment and requires a little focus and research. You may also need stands to mount the speakers. Do not forget to check all the cables. A good tip is to invest in black-coated. It goes with everything, looks discreet and classy.

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