Why You Should Sign on With an Entertainment Company?

While DJs in India are slowly becoming the norm, they are far from being an organized industry. For a newbie DJ it can be a rather disorienting world with no way of knowing how to establish oneself. In this scenario an entertainment company is their best bet.


What Basics Does a Wedding DJ Need?

Every Indian wedding DJ needs a few basics when starting off. Even with all the skills at your disposal, being a DJ also entails working with a lot of technology and sound and light equipment. You will need to be proficient in handling all this equipment, so that you can set it up and take out repairs whenever necessary. So what are these basics?

A good quality turntable is the first piece of equipment you will need. You can get an old fashioned vinyl two-record turntable or invest in a digital CD turntable. The latter may be expensive, but far easier to use and set up. You can have all your songs ready at your disposable and svn do most of your homework before you even reach the venue. You may even want to invest in mixers, controllers and a digital interface.

Light equipment
Although more required for a party or event DJ, today even an Indian wedding DJ is required to keep all necessary light equipment. These are especially required when there are dancing and other wedding related parties to DJ for. Lighting is an important tool for setting up and dictating the mood of the party. Invest in colored wash lights and a spotlight for the wedding couple. You may even want to invest effect lights like strobe, laser or black lights. You may also need light stands to mount the lighting equipment.

Sound equipment
Since DJing is all about music, no DJ private can ignore this crucial aspect. If the wedding venue does not carry a sound system, you will have to provide one. A basic PA system will have a playing device, speakers and mixers. The speaker is important equipment and requires a little focus and research. You may also need stands to mount the speakers. Do not forget to check all the cables. A good tip is to invest in black-coated. It goes with everything, looks discreet and classy.

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How a DJ Agency can help you?

Whether you are a newbie or an established DJ, joining a DJ agency can make a world of difference to your trade and prospects. An agency essentially work behind the scenes to makes sure you can stay away from the tedious tasks associated with the business and just concentrate on your own skills.

A DJ’s success ultimately lies with the network he builds. In case of a party DJ or concert DJ, this is harder than it may sound. Networking is often very aggressive and plagued by politics and ego. You have to deal with people cutting corners, welshing out of contracts and set dates. This can often be an added burden to a DJ private or those working privately. An agency, on the other hand, will take care of all your networking problems, leaving you free of one of your biggest chores.

Sort your booking
When the party season swings around, madness descends. Some days you may even end up with multiple bookings. Even a private DJ keeps a booking agent to keep a track of the mayhem. A DJ agency makes sure your gigs are sorted out with no overlapping.

Sort your finances
The concert and private party business can be cutthroat. This is a world of hard negotiations and dealing with people of all kinds. Often you will be dealing with people with fragile egos, but miserly payments. You need someone in your corner who looks out for your interest first. A DJ agency will sort out your contractual obligations, make sure your commission is paid in time.

Expert help
Even a successful party DJ needs some help now and then. An agency is not just to help you through the mess and tedium of your business. Most agencies are run by experienced DJs who can teach you a trick or two about the business. This is why an agency is one of the best bets for a newcomer.

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Tips to Hire the Best DJs in India

The Indian wedding DJ has come a long way in making weddings occasions to remember. One has to choose wedding DJs with care, however, to get the best results. Top DJs in India are virtually like national celebrities now and you will see their photographs splashed across all leading dailies and magazine quite often.

DJ Lighting Equipment

Here are the other most popular types of DJ equipment:

Mirror Ball

This is the old stock, and if you have nothing else, an emulated disco ball can do miracles over a damp, dark room with no lighting. The mirror ball can be large or small and can be used in unification with white shaft of light or colored beams of light for a more modern feel. Multiple lights can be used on opposing sides of the ball to great effect.


It is also another basic type of DJ lighting equipment. It can be small and movable, but have abundant power. The strobe light consists of a bright white light that flash repeatedly on and off. The timing of the lights can be manually controlled or controlled by the speed and sound of the music being played. When flashing at high speed, they create the illusion of slow motion. Optionally, strobe lights can use colored lights or colored glass overlays to vary the effect.

Split Beam

Split beam lights are the commencement of an innovative system of DJ lighting equipment. These lights can be a show all to themselves, depending on the movement system to which they are attached. These lights cast a narrow beam of light that can be white or one of many colors. An internal mirror system can split the beam into several variations. Some split beams utilize laser light. A series of beams of different colors programmed to operate along to the beat of your music create a “dancing lights” effect that create a full show out of your performance.

Moving Beam

These are basically the same DJ lighting equipment as the split beam lights, except that they are on motorized swivels and tracks that allow for a greater range of special effects. Moving beam lights are great for large rooms because they help to fill the entire space instead of being used to highlight only a single area. The movement can be operated manually, but this could require a partner. It is more common to pre-program the lights for the particular music of your performance.